La Bocca della Verità ambitions to support young voices in the field of Design (by offering them) through the opportunity of presenting their work for the first time to the public in cycle of three exhibitions per year. The ground- and upper floor of the gallery will welcome group and individual shows for young and autodidact designer’s production with prices ranging from 500 to 15,000 euros.

The first floor will be a project room, hosted by ‘Stand Van Zaken’, where they will select different curators, artists and architects to develop a “Cadavre exquis”. A creative concept where artists work in a sequence on top of each other’s work, without seeing or knowing the final result.

Originally initiated in 2019 by Doorzon interieur architecten & Theo De Meyer. Stand Van Zaken could be recognized as a state of affairs between many collaborations.

Both architects, longing to build and initiate, have been working previously with Jean François Declercq. Today their collaboration continues by sharing knowledge and a mutual enthusiasm in order to explore new forms of expressions.